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posted on April 5, 2009 at 6:51 am
The oh-my-god-these-are-dangerously-delicious homemade beef and/or cabbage piroshkis from the Eastern European section of the Buford Highway Farmers’ Market.
Buford Highway Farmers' Market: BuHi
Found these last week when I was there for an upcoming story. They are made with a beautiful dough that reheats nicely in the oven. The cabbage is slightly sweet from the onion and carrot in its filling. The beef is…beefy and oniony. They’re made by a lovely local Ukranian woman who also prepares homemade borscht, blintz-esque pastries and more for the section.
Check out her goodies on top of the meat counter in the Eastern European section of the market. You will not be sorry. They also have some super affordable containers of half-sour pickles, which is my favorite style of pickle.
The market’s renovation is worth perusing as well. The Korean section is much improved and the Mexican section has fresh masa!
Buford Highway Farmers' Market: BuHi
My multi-culti haul in no particular order: Fresh masa, passion fruit pulp, baby cukes for muddling with my Square One Cucumber Vodka, microwavable Japanese rice, piroshkis, chow mein for very lazy nights (my mom’s specialty when we were kids), those perfect half-sour pickles, Artisanal queso fresco, Takis, chile powder for sprinkling over veggies and fruit doused in lime juice, etc.
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  • Re: Currently craving….
    posted by: EL · April 6, 2009  6:33 AM

    BHFM is the bomb. I much prefer it to Dekalb’s. The bonus is you can grab lunch or dinner at any one of a zillion great places to eat before or after somewhere along Buford Highway.

    Please don’t do a big feature on it lest the masses descend, making it more crowded than it already is!

  • Re: Currently craving….
    posted by: Naoya Wada · April 12, 2009  10:53 AM

    I finally got over here yesterday, as you answered my piroshki wishes. I bought 9.

    3 – Beef
    3 – Cabbage
    3 – Potato

    The beef and potatos were the favorites… I ate the cabbage, but just didn’t stack up to the others.

    Thanks for the feature. It did me well.

  • Re: Currently craving….
    posted by: foodnearsnellville · April 26, 2009  3:40 PM

    You know, it’s hard not to start doing features on it when the market is so complete and clean these days. I have coworkers who do all their meat shopping here. And it’s really convenient to anyone who commutes eastward from the IT corridor (i.e. 400) to anywhere up and down 85.

    Just curious: how does a piroshki differ from a pierogi? And what would someone who knows nothing about Eastern European cuisine start with, on the bakery or the deli?

  • Re: Currently craving….
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · April 28, 2009  6:15 AM

    Piroshki are more a bready pastry filled with meat and/or vegetables. Pierogi resemble a ravioli or dumpling that is either pan-fried and/or boiled.

    I would get some beef piroshki and half-sour pickles to start. Love them both!

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