Corner Cafe at The Buckhead Bread Company: Buckhead

posted on February 25, 2008 at 3:03 am
Corner Cafe at The Buckhead Bread Company: Buckhead
I have been pretty sick with pneumonia and stuck in the house for days. I needed to get some fresh air so we went for breakfast at The Corner Cafe before an early showing of Persepolis at Phipps (what a great movie and they were robbed last night). I am normally an egg gal, but my tummy was craving something sweet and bread-y. So, I got the crème brûlée French toast, an individual pot of the French press coffee from their extensive coffee selection and some fresh grapefruit juice. I only made it through about 3/4 of one of the slices, but it was very good. There was nice pool of acidic fruit puree on the bottom of the plate that cut the sweetness of the bread nicely and the fruit was very fresh–even if it was not in season.
My friend, who is not a big breakfast person, had the veggie omelet. He liked everything except the grits which he found watery. He couldn’t keep his hands off that bacon though. We both liked out meals and it was a nice way to start the day. I am still a fan after all these years.


A lot of Atlanta Foodies hate Buckhead Life Restaurants but I am not one of them. I have consistently good meals at Pricci and Buckhead Bread Company is one of my favorite brunch spots. They do a good business and the food is solid. Now, I am a breakfast person. Always have been. I find great pleasure in a well-done breakfast. My favorite item to have is the veggie omelet with grits and a side of bacon (pictured above). The toast is a thin and crisp sourdough that is a perfect textural contrast to the gooey cheese oozing from the interior of the omelet which is stuffed with a variety of vegetables. Add some tabasco and it is pure heaven. My friend ordered chicken sausages served on toast and topped with a poached egg. A side of nice arugula salad and sauteed apples fill out the rest of the plate. They really enjoyed it.
I have heard that their creme brulee french toast is good as well. I want to go back and have that and their pancakes which look great. Call ahead and expect to pay a bit more than at your average breakfast spot. Glad it is down the road from me.

Address: 3070 Piedmont Rd NE
Phone: (404) 240-1978

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  • Re: Corner Cafe at The Buckhead Bread Company: Buckhead
    posted by: Chris · September 7, 2006  5:27 PM

    Why is it wrong to like these places? We love Buckhead Bread. The creme brulee French toast is a personal fave. I’ve also had some really good meals across the street at Buckhead Diner. The last two specials I’ve ordered have been moire thoughtfully prepared than what I’ve ordered at “better” places.

    Chris Boyles

  • Re: Corner Cafe at The Buckhead Bread Company: Buckhead
    posted by: Kevin · February 26, 2008  4:57 AM

    We were disappointed with the brunch at Buckhead Bread. They do good business for sure. Maybe it was the volume of people they were serving that morning, but everything seemed scooped right off a hot bar line.

    My poor grandma even suffered through the special grits, feta and spinach. They were just plain awful. She managed a smile all the same (I imagine because we were treating her to breakfast). The next week she took us to her favorite spot- the Original Pancake House.

  • Re: Corner Cafe at The Buckhead Bread Company: Buckhead
    posted by: Anonymous · March 3, 2008  6:52 AM

    I’m so glad that you liked Corner Cafe – it is one of my favorites. I really love their bagle with smoked salmon and their bacon is always perfectly crisp. It’s always first among breakfast choices when I have guests in from out of town.

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