Co’m Vietnam: Dunwoody

posted on July 25, 2006 at 5:03 pm

Went the other day since they finally started offering lunch. I ordered the grilled lamb spring rolls, “kobe” beef stew and the flat rice vermicelli with grilled jumbo tiger shrimp. Spring rolls were good as always. The rice vermicelli was just OK. I always get this at the Buford location and this was a watered down version. They only put shallots on top…no green onions or peanuts to be found.

The stew was a major disappointment. Watery and absolutely no flavor at all. They served with some noodles they said were soba noodles even though it was supposed to come with french bread. We got some grape leaves with duck which were not to my liking but E. seemed to like them enough. They had some weird sort of vinegar twang from the cabbage they were served on top of. They also left a burn on the top of my mouth that was not pleasant. More like a too much white pepper or five spice thing. I would like to try it for dinner but I am pretty happy with the Buford Highway location for now.

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  • Re: Co’m Vietnam: Dunwoody
    posted by: Anonymous · August 15, 2007  7:59 AM

    That photo looks nasty! You should post something more appetizing to do the place justice. Their food rocks!

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