Chosun OK Restaurant: Doraville

posted on April 10, 2007 at 6:08 pm


Are you guys sick of Korean posts yet? I have been on a relentless quest for Korean charcoal barbecue and I think I found a pretty good spot. A local critic suggested Chosun OK after I asked them for a recommendation after months of frustrating experiences. I took my friend, Joel, for lunch a couple of weeks ago. I think he might quite possibly be a bigger Korean fan than me. The place has been around for a good while and it shows. The interior is a bit somber, but who goes to Buford Highway for ambiance?
We parked ourselves at a table with a barbecue and surveyed the menu. The waitress informed us that we needed to get two orders of whatever meat we chose. We opted for the kalbi and spicy pork. Our pan chan arrived and there were some really good dishes. My favorite had to be a braised potato dish that was in a sweet sauce. Just lovely and full of deep flavor.
The waitress cut our beef off the bone and reserved the bones to char the bones later in the meal. The beef had been marinated the proper amount of time and flavor was very well-balanced. The pork was equally tasty, but our waitress took it off before it go a proper char. I would just ask the waitress to leave it on a bit longer next time.

Verdict: Good pan chan, marinade, and they charcoal BBQ. The decors is odd and word, but who cares? Definitely going into the rotation.


Address: 5865 Buford Hwy NE
Phone: (770) 452-1821
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  • Re: Chosun OK Restaurant: Doraville
    posted by: Tex · July 2, 2007  10:31 PM

    Thanks for the tip. We came down from Chicago to visit our friends and found your posts most useful.

    Our kalbi was very tender with the right flavor.

    The sam gyup sal uncured bacon/pork belly was a bit thick and the dipping sauce/oil could have used more salt.

    The pajun was more scallions than seafood, but the texture of the batter was good, and not soggy at all.

    Panchan were all good, especially the mook jelly.

    Everyone enjoyed, and I’d recommend to others looking for Korean in ATL.

  • Re: Chosun OK Restaurant: Doraville
    posted by: GMT · January 22, 2011  9:13 AM

    Jennifer – Have you been here recently? I went last night with my boyfriend and his son; we were looking forward to the meal. However, we ordered the waitress informed us we had to order two of every entree. I explained we certainly planned to order two entrees, and she said ‘no, two of the same, it’s the rule’. Which in our case would have been 4 entrees for 3 people, one of them 8 years old. She was very argumentative about it so we left. I have never heard of such a practice and am still baffled by the experience.

  • Re: Chosun OK Restaurant: Doraville
    posted by: Frank · January 24, 2011  3:59 PM

    They’ve done that every time I’ve been there in the last two years. Doesn’t seem to be new. Annoying though!


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