Cho Won Buffet: Duluth

posted on June 1, 2008 at 9:56 am
Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
I simply did not get the buffet-loving gene like other folks. I always feel gross after visiting one (even the Ritz Carlton brunches). However, I think I have found an exception to my “no buffet” rule. And, of course, it is a Korean BBQ buffet. I came across this spot yesterday and I think it is pretty cool. The food is not the best Korean BBQ you will ever have in your life, but the variety and quantity for the price (below) are hard to beat.
Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
The way it works is that you hit the buffet and grab your meat (and assorted panchan) to take back to your table for your server to cook for you over a gas grill.
Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
Selection of meats (spicy chicken, spicy pork, tender beef, etc.)

Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
Assortment of panchan

Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
Our server cooking our meat.

You can eat as much you want, just don’t get greedy, because:
Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
Like most buffets, strategy is key or you’ll stuff yourself with filler before getting to the good stuff. Cho Won throws lots of curveballs with sushi (below) and a long line of Chinese dishes on the opposite side of the meats and panchan.
Cho Won Buffet: Duluth

Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
Seafood pancakes, boiled corn, etc.

Verdict: A great spot if you are on a budget. Seeing the large vats of meat and panchan may be disconcerting to those of you who are used to smaller plates, but the meat is nicely marinaded and tender. Panchan can be a bit soggy depending on what you pick out. However, it is still cheaper than the price you pay at other BBQ spots and a bit kitschy. Just stick with the meat and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Address:3635 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, 30096
Phone:(770) 476-0458

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  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Natalie · June 5, 2008  11:11 PM

    I love Chow Baby downtown for Mongolian BBQ. I’ll have to try this place sometime.

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · June 6, 2008  3:47 PM

    This is a GREAT blog and I have visited many great ATL restaurants thanks to your advice. However, Cho Won was the first bad experience I have had with a BG-reviewed restaurant. It was the most expensive Korean BBQ meal I have had in ATL and by far the worst. Families with kids STAY AWAY (unless you like paying $18 for your child to eat sub-standard Korean food).

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · June 6, 2008  4:40 PM

    I don’t know where you have been eating Korean, but I normally pay $25 and higher for a plate of meat. And, it doesn’t seem like BG was recommending it whole heartedly anyway.

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · June 6, 2008  5:18 PM

    Thanks to the BG, we have been to Honeypig, Gom Shabu Shabu, Chosun OK, and Hae Woon Dae, and had good to great meals at all. Cho Won Buffet was BY FAR the worst food-wise (just my opinion). Will definitely come back for more advice from the BG, but will definitely NOT go back to Cho Won.

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · June 7, 2008  8:32 AM

    Sorry you did not enjoy it. As I said in my post, it was not the best Korean meal I had but not terrible either. I am shocked they don’t have kid’s prices though. I think this is more of a place for college students. Given the choice, I will be at Hanil Kwan or Chosun OK.

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anime South · January 19, 2009  5:08 PM

    On your recommendation, we hit this place up while in town for Anime Weekend Atlanta in September, 2008. This place was AWESOME! Can’t beat it for the price (it was only $13.95 on Sunday). Waitresses are extremely helpful. It was so incredible, our group of 12 went there twice during that weekend!

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Food near Snellville · February 24, 2009  2:42 PM

    My extended family just loves this place. Relatives from San Francisco, California ask to come here. People in my circle celebrate birthdays here. It’s a “one of”, and this gives the restaurant a lot of cachet. If there were 100 restaurants of its kind, maybe people would be less impressed.

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · November 11, 2009  8:38 AM

    This place is fantastic, the fare on weekends seems to be better, but I have really pleased by the food that is served. I think that the meat is less tender than the other places and not marinaded quite as heavily, but still very good.
    I am really a fan and find this place far the best place for my dollars

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · February 8, 2010  7:36 AM

    I've only eaten at 3 different Korean BBQ places, but I've always been pleased with Cho Won. Maybe because I'm not very experienced.
    I see I need to broaden my horizons.
    Thanks for the info!

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Sarah · February 7, 2011  11:12 PM

    i had a wonderful time at this resturant…they also have a discount for kids!

    the buffet is delicious and reasonably priced…i dont understand what more can you want? the price is very affordable, the restaurant is clean, the service impeccable!!!

    i highly recommend!

  • Re: Cho Won Buffet: Duluth
    posted by: Melanie · February 17, 2013  12:24 AM

    There is so many things that are wrong with this place and nothing that is right. First of all, the place was dirty when we walked. The grill at the seats they sat us at were not cleaned in who knows how long.

    It doesn’t matter whether you prefer quantity or quality because this Cho Won Buffet has neither. I’m usually good when it comes to buffets and like to try everything. Nothing I tried was even warm everything was cold.

    I couldn’t finish any of the food because it was so bad and I’m the type of person who hates wasting food so that means a lot coming from me.

    For 2 people the meal cost $38, a total ripoff. Highly NOT RECOMMENDED!

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