Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway

posted on August 27, 2007 at 7:52 am
Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Chicharones fresh out of the kitchen and ready for some love–you can mix these with green salsa and put them in a tortilla for a crunchy taco.

Atlanta, specifically Buford Highway, is overflowing with Mexican mercados that range in size from a tiny one-room shack to massive supermercados with various businesses within the actual store. One of the best-kept secrets of many of these markets is that they have some incredible taquerias that use products from the store. My favorite of all of these ‘hidden taquerias’ has got to be the taco counter in the meat section of Chicago Supermarket in Pine Tree Plaza on Buford Highway. Jason Perlow (a blogger from New Jersey who runs Off The Broiler and is the founder of egullet) was in town with his wife, Rachel and asked yours truly to show them around a couple of spots on BuHi. I sent them to El Rey De Taco on Saturday and took them for tacos to Chicago yesterday after a solid dumpling fix at Chef Liu—that place was packed! Since we already had one meal under our belt, we each grabbed a beef taco (carne de res) and I ordered them a freshly-made cheese gordita (gordita de queso)–my favorite version in town. The staff speaks very little English, but don’t let that put you off.
Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Beef tacos

Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Fresh cheese gorditas

Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Amazing salsas

Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Women making stellar food

The tacos are absolutely excellent and the salsas—especially the tomatillo with avocado—are spicy and super-fresh. The weekend (especially Sunday) is the time to go because they offer chiles rellenos, cabeza, gorditas, quesadillas, guisados (stews), menudo, and much more. The weekday offerings are a bit sparse with only a few tacos and a variety of sweet and savory tamales. The taco stand uses handmade tortillas made from freshly ground masa from this contraption where you can have masa ground to order. They also have homemade mole paste at the meat counter that you mix with chicken stock for a lovely sauce over chicken or some killer enchiladas. If you love to cook Mexican food and have not been, you must go now.
Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
Kernels bathing before their turn in the grinder

Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
The grinding machine at work

Address: 5263 Buford Highway, Doraville
Phone: 770-452-1361

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  • Re: Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
    posted by: mcg30909 · March 4, 2008  5:53 PM

    Long time reader, first time…err..commenter. I went to the Chicago supermercado today and I had a great time! Since it was a weekday, I couldn’t try the famous gordita (I’ll be back this weekend), but I gorged myself on all kinds of tacos. Delish!

    Thanks for the report on this place and on all that you do!


  • Re: Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
    posted by: Sammy Pants · August 1, 2008  8:17 AM

    Does this supermercado offer any vegetarian tacos? I love mushrooms and beans, but have had a hard time finding a good place on BuHi that doesn’t offer only meat…

  • Re: Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
    posted by: Jonathan · January 4, 2009  10:47 AM

    The mushroom tacos at El Rey del Taco are awesome.

  • Re: Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
    posted by: Jennifer Benator · May 2, 2009  4:04 PM

    Does anyone know what time the taco counter closes on Sundays?

  • Re: Chicago Supermarket: Doraville/Buford Highway
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