Chef Liu 2.0

posted on September 23, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Chef Liu: Doraville
Chef Liu is taking over the space recently vacated by Asam House, which is in the same shopping center. The move is supposed to happen sometime in October and I’m super excited about what the kitchen will be able to churn out with even more space than the currently tiny digs. And if today’s meal was any indication of what the food at the new space will be like, I’d say Chef Liu’s fans have loads and loads of good grub to look forward to.

We only ordered a few things, because I was out and about for some assignments. But the Shanghai Soup Buns or Xiaolongbao were plump with soup (not deflated and sad), perfectly seasoned and the skin was incredibly delicate. They actually tasted better than ever. You’ll have to take me on my word because I didn’t have enough time to grab a picture–Shanghai Soup Buns wait for no one.
Chef Liu: Doraville
We also ordered the leek pie (above) and another favorite, the sticky and nutty sesame paste noodles (below).
Chef Liu: Doraville
Both were gorgeous. I wish I’d had less self control, but I had to hit three other restaurants afterwards. I’ll keep you posted on the “grand opening” with a follow-up visit. But please get over there if you’ve never been. It’s not for everyone, but I love it.

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  • Re: Chef Liu 2.0
    posted by: Anonymous · September 23, 2009  4:08 PM

    How is it "not for everyone"?

  • Re: Chef Liu 2.0
    posted by: jimmy · September 23, 2009  4:28 PM

    the first time I went the soup dumplings were good, but the last time most of them were busted open with little soup inside the ones that weren't.

    Any idea exactly what kind of cold noodles they are? They are doughier than any I've ever had.

    That leek pie alone is worth the visit.

  • Re: Chef Liu 2.0
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 23, 2009  5:08 PM

    Anon: It a complete dive. Th restaurant is literally a shack in the middle of a parking lot. And there are no Americanized dishes to choose from.

    Jimmy: The dumplings are much improved since my last visit. And I believe the noodles are a fat egg based noodle since they are so chewy. But I can't be sure as they are covered in sauce.

  • Re: Chef Liu 2.0
    posted by: Anonymous · October 25, 2009  11:08 AM

    The braised whole fish was really good but the lamb noodles was AWFUL!! It was very bland, there was so little meat in it, seriously there was like 7 lamb BITS in it. There was nothing good in that bowl.

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