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posted on July 30, 2008 at 7:58 am

Cheap Eats: Jerusalem Bakery

The craving always strikes after a meal at Tasty China. My tongue, still stinging from the Sichuan peppercorns, tells me something sweet is in order. Before the bill is paid, I know my car will soon be filled with the intoxicating aroma of baked goods from the nearby Jerusalem Bakery (585 Franklin Road, Suite 160, Marietta, 770-419-1666, Click here to read the rest…

Mouthful: Nachos

Nachos are obviously in the “Texican” genre: a dish no self-respecting Mexican would ever eat in public. But I have something to confess. I love nachos. And to make matters worse, I am not a chip, cheese or jalapeño purist. I like them sloppy and loaded. Here is where you will find me eating my shame. Click here to read the rest…

Liquid Diet: Karaoke Melody

THE SCORE: Although the façade seems dark and seedy, this Buford Highway karaoke bar is one of the best entertainment deals around. Six dollars per person buys you an hour of “American Idol” practice sessions in a private room complete with neon pink tambourines and a handy service call button. Hefty multilanguage songbooks are updated monthly by “popular demand” and contain everything from Jim Croce to OutKast (photo courtesy of Karaoke Melody). Click here to read the rest…

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  • Re: Check out my latest in this week’s issue of Creative Loafing
    posted by: LL · July 30, 2008  10:40 AM

    How funny! We had lunch at Tasty China today and stopped at Jerusalem Bakery afterwards to get some pita and baklava to take home.

    SO…I get home and check my RSS feed and there is your article! Spooky!

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