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posted on November 5, 2008 at 1:51 pm

Cheap Eats: Danneman’s

Danneman’s coffee house (466 Edgewood Ave., 404-380-1393,, has opened in the old Javaology space, joining the stampede of Edgewood Avenue newcomers. The charming space is even more precious than its predecessor. Click here to read the rest…

Mouthful: Matzoh Ball Soup

SOUPER JENNY: Jenny Levinson is Atlanta’s reigning queen of soup. Although the lines can be maddening, the love Levinson infuses into every bite of her soup makes the wait bearable. Her matzoh ball soup, which graces the menu every couple of weeks, is a borrowed recipe from Levinson’s sister-in-law who insists it “can cure any ailment.” Click here to read the rest…

Liquid Diet: Metalsome Monday at the 10 High Club

NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME: Childhood dreams of rock-stardom tend to fade when bills and college debt become cold realities. While most of us have settled into the daily grind, there’s still a chance to live the life — even if it’s only for a night. Click here to read the rest…

(All photos, except for the soup shot, courtesy of Creative Loafing)
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