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posted on April 30, 2008 at 8:31 am

Nick’s Food To Go (240 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, 404-521-2220, is the quintessential hole in the wall you’ve probably passed by a hundred times but never entered. The tiny Greek gem is a complete family affair with Nick Poulous working the front and his wife, Helen, and their daughters, Evie and Angela, in the kitchen. Although there is no dining area — don’t even try to eat inside or you’ll get a fatherly scolding from Nick — the comforting food travels well and is always made to order. Click here to read the rest…

The biscuit is a simple combination of a few basic ingredients, but it has the ability to instantly make you feel at home. Since this is the South, biscuits are a topic as fiercely debated as fried chicken and barbecue. But why spend precious time arguing when you could be eating? Click here to read the rest…

If our obesity rate isn’t enough proof that hedonism is alive and … hell, booming in Atlanta, just look at the number of cigar bars that have opened in the past few years. The thought of a cigar bar used to conjure up images of a dark and musty room that was anything but inviting. Hangouts such as Highland Cigar Co., however, are shattering that stereotype with spruced up decor and swank offerings such as private humidors ($385/year). Click here to read the rest…

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