Book Chang Dong Tofu House: Duluth

posted on January 14, 2006 at 4:30 pm


I had heard great things about Book Chang Dong. Many people compared it to So Kong Dong and I can see why. They are owned by different people but the menu and concept are exactly the same. The food is comparable as well. I ordered the Tofu Dolsot BiBimBap, BBQ ribs and Kimchi, beef and tofu soup. They were all good. The BiBimBap was well-prepared. It had the requisite crispy rice bottom from the hot pot and the spicy sauce on the side. Great dish. The beef was fresh, well-flavored and sizzling hot. The tofu soup was my favorite though. Great throat burn from the Kimchi, beautiful red color and delicious tofu that just melted in my mouth. They give you many little dishes which were all good. I especially like the stainless steel chopsticks that they provide. You can hear all of the other patrons clicking away. The space is very clean and brand spanking new. The food was great and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good bowl of spicy tofu soup. It is the same shopping center as Super H Mart.


Address:2550 Pleasant Hill Road
Phone: (770) 814-2299
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  • Re: Book Chang Dong Tofu House: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · January 14, 2006  7:45 PM

    Thanks, I will surely hit Book Chang Dong Tofu House when I next get over by Super H. Thanks again.


  • Re: Book Chang Dong Tofu House: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · September 19, 2006  7:11 PM

    Regarding Korean soups, where can one find good Yook Gae Jang (spicy beef flank soup)in Atlanta? I am also interested in finding out where the decent Korean-Chinese restaurants are, I am specifically looking for a place with good Cha-jang myun (black bean sauce and noodles). Thanks

  • Re: Book Chang Dong Tofu House: Duluth
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · September 20, 2006  4:41 AM

    I cannot say where to find a good noodle in black bean sauce. not really my favorite. Nam chun hong has a version that some fans of thise dish seem to like. I reviewed it here:
    I like Hae Woon Dae’s yook gae jang but I have not had it in a while. I do tend to like their stews. Hanwoori used to have the best but they have closed.

  • Re: Book Chang Dong Tofu House: Duluth
    posted by: Anonymous · April 7, 2008  2:56 PM

    Nam chun hong does have very good chajang myun, even better you can get half chajang/half jam pong.

    There’s a place that has very good soups in the same H mart shopping ctr. The name is Min Sok Chun but I’m not sure if they have an English sign. If facing the H mart it is right next to it on the left. Their specialty is sullong tang but I’m pretty sure they have yook gae jang also. Enjoy!

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