Bliss cooks: Fresh tomatillo salsa

posted on April 13, 2008 at 6:32 am
As you can imagine, I make a lot of Mexican food at home. One of my most requested recipes is my green salsa which is obscenely easy to knock out and way better (in my opinion) than buying the premade stuff. I serve this with a variety of dishes and it can be tweaked many ways. This is the basic version–a raw green salsa that goes well with fattier types of dishes like the beer-braised short-rib tacos I made this particular night.

A handful of tomatillos
1/4 cup of fresh cilantro
Serrano peppers
One clove of garlic
The juice from 1/2 of a fresh lime
One avocado (optional)

making tomatillo salsa
Take the husk off the tomatillos, rinse well, and quarter.
Give them a liberal pinch of salt and let them sit on the cutting board for about 10 minutes. You can also roast these under a broiler at this point or blanch them in salted boiling water if you don’t like the bitter(ish) flavor of raw green tomatoes.

making tomatillo salsa
Clean your cilantro very well. I normally soak it in very cold water and then dry in my trusty salad spinner. When the leaves are dry, pluck them from the stems. Make sure you taste the cilantro because it can be bitter and you want to adjust your amount accordingly so it does not overpower the salsa.

making tomatillo salsa
Using rubber gloves, de-seed and roughly chop 2-3 serrano chiles. You can use jalapenos, but I prefer the heat of the serrano. You can also roast these if you have more time and/or prefer a deeper flavor.

Put all the ingredients (except the avocado) in a blender and pulse until it is uniform in texture. Place in the fridge for an hour so the flavors can marry. Salsa has the tendency to change and certain flavors can really intensify. After an hour, take the salsa out and adjust the seasoning to your taste with more lime or salt.
making tomatillo salsa
At this point, you can blend in an avocado for a creamier texture. If you choose to do this, make sure you adjust the seasoning accordingly and perform this step at the absolute last moment before serving since it the avocado will eventually start to oxidize.

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  • Re: Bliss cooks: Fresh tomatillo salsa
    posted by: Anonymous · April 14, 2008  12:33 PM

    Looks great Bliss!

  • Re: Bliss cooks: Fresh tomatillo salsa
    posted by: Kevin · April 16, 2009  5:45 PM

    Tomatillo salsa is so good! I like to make it whenever I can find some tomatillos, which is not very often.

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