Avra Greek Tavern: Midtown

posted on February 15, 2006 at 12:15 pm

I went with some friends for dinner on Saturday night to see what the deal was. Our waiter seemed completely overwhelmed. I ordered a bunch of dishes for us to eat family style. I also ordered a nice bottle of Skouras which I really enjoyed. However, the waiter kept trying to get us to buy another bottle and was pouring the entire bottle out in one pour. I got really annoyed by this. The first dish to come out was the Pikilia Spreads. They were really delicious. but, just as good as I have had at any other Greek place. Next was the calamari and pan-fried aged Greek cheese. The calamari was dry but the cheese was very good. Next came the Horiatki which was basic but fresh. I always enjoy this salad. Our mains came next. We ordered the Shrimp Avra which was not good at all. It was unbalanced and none of us really enjoyed it. The lamb kabob and roasted leg of lamb were good but I have had better at Taverna Plaka for half the price. The Greek fries and Gigandes that accompanied the meal were average. We got our bill and I was surprised to see that they charged us for the pita that came with the spreads. I was really shocked. It was just too much money for mediocre food and I don’t plan on returning. I’ll take a Greek hole in the wall any day over this place.
Address:794 Juniper St.
Phone: 404-892-8890
Cuisine: Greek

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