Au Pied de Cochon just keeps getting worse

posted on December 8, 2006 at 5:50 am

Who knew turning 30 years old meant reverting back to the habits of your early 20s? I have been staying up way past my bedtime lately. This means I have been eating out quite late and guess what? Atlanta’s late-night dining destinations are way limited unless you want to go somewhere with Waffle or Pancake in the name. I found myself out and about after a fabulously cheeky (not for the faint of heart) performance by Electropunker, Peaches, at the Variety Playhouse last week. My friend and I were starving and started driving around. Two hungry and picky foodies + 2 in the morning = trouble. I suggested that we hit Au Pied de Cochon since they are open 24 hours a day. Surely we could get something decent there? My friend hesitated (they are even pickier than me if you can believe that) but I started musing about steak frites and he was sold. We sat down and began to look at the immense menu. No steak frites. What? This is supposed to be a truly authentic french joint, no? We asked the waiter if they served steak frites and he flatly said no. No of course we could make such an easy dish. No let me ask the chef. Just a big fat no. I was now jonesing for meat and potatoes so I settled on the burger. It sounded lovely. Brioche bun, aged cheddar, allumette potatoes, blah, blah, blah. I ordered it medium rare and sat there waiting for my $16 burger to show its glorious face. Well, the burger was over-cooked and the allumette potatoes (fries) were sadly frozen. Not even hand-cut. I don’t care if you are a hotel restaurant. Frozen fries are an abomination in any French restaurant. The burger was so disappointing and I barely made it through half. My friend kept looking at me like what the hell have you gotten me into? Not my most shining hour. I guess the moral here is stay away from Au Pied de Cochon at 2 a.m. and maybe just in general.

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  • Re: Au Pied de Cochon just keeps getting worse
    posted by: Deanna · December 8, 2006  6:39 AM

    Wow! You saw Peaches?!? I’m jealous. Did she kick serious ass?

  • Re: Au Pied de Cochon just keeps getting worse
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · December 8, 2006  6:41 AM

    She was her normal badass self! It was awesome. Also, saw a new group that opened for her called Whitey. Check them out if you have not already.

  • Re: Au Pied de Cochon just keeps getting worse
    posted by: athens francophile · December 13, 2006  1:51 PM

    No, you are correct Au Pied de Cochon just sucks. If I were the owner of the one in the Les Halles quartier in Paris, I would be embarrased to lend my name.

    A French restaurant that doesn’t know how to make ouef a la coque for breakfast? that serves frozen pain au chocolat that taste of parmeggiano cheese? Yes, that woudl be the Buckhead version of Au Pied de Cochon. AN embarrassment to French retaruants everywhere and an embarrassment to teh Intercontinental Hotel group.

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