Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway

posted on October 23, 2007 at 7:00 am
Asam House: Buford Highway

Nam tok 


The New Yorker recently had an issue (in September) devoted to food where many notable writers–like David Sedaris–penned essays. I loved it and have actually read some of the pieces over and over again. One article was about a writer who went to Singapore to explore Malaysian food. Being the food dork that I am, I took notes on dishes the writer’s guide took him to try. The issue could not have come at a better time.

Asam House, a new Malaysian (and Thai) restaurant, opened in Pinetree Plaza a couple of months ago. After I wrote about Chicago Supermarket in September, Steve Drucker (a local grubber who discovered Tasty China well before anyone else was hip to it) replied to my post on a forum I frequent about a fact-finding side trip to Asam House.
With all my crazy travel, I didn’t make it to Asam House until last weekend after a fun day at the Annual Castleberry Loft Tour. Armed with my crudely written cheat sheet, I scanned the menu for dishes I had never had before–the menu is actually a mixture of Malaysian and Thai and they have a chef for each cuisine. We ordered 4 dishes (3 Malaysian and one Thai).
Asam House: Buford Highway
We started with the roti canai (pan-fried Indian-style pancake served with a chicken and potato curry). The pancake was heavenly–flaky and not too greasy. The curry had a thick layer of grease on top and the flavor was just kind of flat.
Next came the nam tok (grilled beef salad with onions, scallions, cilantro, and spicy lime juice), which was very flavorful and spicy. I liked the way the meat was kind of dry which allowed it to soak up more of the flavors from the sauce. I would order it again.
Asam House: Buford Highway
I was excited to try the char kway teow (stir-fried flat noodles with shrimp, bean sprouts, and egg in black soy sauce) because the guide from the article said it was a must-try dish while in Malaysia. It reminded me of beef chow fun without the added spice (or beef). It wasn’t bad, but it could have used more salt. I would order it again, but ask for it a bit spicy.
Asam House: Buford Highway
The aromatic chicken (stir-fried chicken with dried shrimp and chili paste) was my least favorite dish of the meal. The flavor tasted processed from the chili paste and it was too salty. I also found the use of maraschino cherries for garnish very weird. I only ate a couple of bites and left the rest for my date.

Verdict: The space is very new and clean. Service was friendly and helpful. The menu is huge and it definitely warrants further exploration. I think I will try more of the Thai options next time since I have heard many people say that the Thai chef seems to be the more talented of the two. Was it the best darn food I have ever eaten? No. But, they chefs seem competent and I enjoyed some of the dishes enough to go back. 


Address: 5285 Buford Highway, 30340 (Pinetree Plaza)
Phone: (770) 452-5100
Hours: Open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10:30 pm. Closed on Tuesday.
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  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Paulie · October 23, 2007  9:10 AM

    I wish that I had read this prior to trying to eat there today. I drove up and down Buford once before giving up and heading to the Chinatown food court.

    However as it turns out that even had I found it I would have had to go elsewhere since you say that they are closed on Tuesdays.

  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Andrew · October 23, 2007  5:15 PM

    I noticed that place, but hadn’t tried it yet. For Malaysian, I’ve been going to Little Malaysia, right down the street. Some dishes are better, some worse, than Penang, with a more Buford Highway atmosphere.

    5150 Buford Hwy NE #A110
    Doraville, GA 30340

  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Pranjal · October 26, 2007  9:36 PM

    Mr Glutton took me there but the people turned out to be robbers, 50 bucks for a Kendell Jackson cab which of course was not on the menu so they can charge whatever they wanted. Highway robbery, food is decent but how can you be happy once u’ve been robbed!

  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · December 14, 2007  11:38 AM

    been there several times now

    its average at best

    standard dishes like beef rendang and prok prik prak sucked

    totally overrated and the uber hype over at atlanta cuisine makes no sense to me

    “foodies” my arse


  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: ben · May 17, 2008  10:56 AM

    This place is great. I eat there at least once a week. Love the glass noodle soup, the beef rendang, most anything i’ve eaten there is great, and the service is friendly and fast.

  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · July 13, 2008  10:17 PM

    Should try the KL style hokkien mee, the closest to the real thing. I missed the hokkien mee in Air Panas, KL alot!

  • Re: Asam House Thai and Malaysian Restaurant: Buford Highway
    posted by: Anonymous · July 18, 2008  2:17 PM

    I’ve dine-in in this restaurant couple times with my Thai boy friend. We loved this place since we both like spicy food.
    My favorite dish is the clay pot curry sea bass and my bf like the pak prik king the most .
    We are happy with the Thai dishes so far but are still skeptical about the Malaysian dish.
    Will sure visit them again to explore more 🙂

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