An update on Peter Chang from Tom Maicon

posted on March 29, 2010 at 8:54 am

Here’s a snippet of what Tom writes in his article on

I dined with a fun small group of folks (mostly Asian) at Tasty China these evening. During this 16-course gut buster prepared by Peter Chang himself, I was given new information regarding his possible new restaurant here in Atlanta.

I am told that an attempt to secure a certain location has failed. As a result, Chang is headed back to Virginia to continue his business as usual. Dahe Yang, owner of Tasty China, will continue seeking out a new location for the restaurant.

During a brief interview with Chang (and translator), he informs me that he desires a fancier restaurant with nice ambiance, finer service, and broad wine selection.

Yang tells me the restaurant could take as long as a year to put together and that Chang would return then. Unfortunately, there is no immediate plans for Chang to cook at Tasty China anytime in the near future.

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