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This site is a labor of food love. My aim is to let my readers know about good (and bad) food here in Atlanta and around the world. I simply offer you my perspective on the restaurants and hope you find it useful. In a perfect world, I’d go to all the places I review a few times before writing it up. I can’t always afford that (you’ll notice there is no advertising on my site), but still attempt to give you guys a good mix of first impressions and full-fledged reviews based on multiple visits. When you read a post, please take the date of the review into account. I try to revisit as much as possible, but I can only eat out so much and there are new spots opening every day. Assuming professionalism is paramount (even though this is just a blog), I try to be a responsible reviewer because I realize restaurants are not inanimate objects–they are the dreams and livelihoods of real people. I am not interested in being inflammatory just for the sake of it. That being said…if your food is not on point, I will call you on it. No amount of charm or praise can change what I see, smell and taste when I dine at your establishment. Save it for the others who can be bought. My responsibility is to my readers and I take great pride in being ethical.

Who is The Blissful Glutton?

My name is Jennifer Zyman. I was born in Rio de Janeiro to Mexican-born parents—who are both avid travelers and food lovers. I spent most of my formative years in Atlanta and graduated from Emory University and California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. After graduating from culinary school, I worked as a cook in San Francisco, but quickly realized the schedule did not give me the balance I craved. The life of a cook is quite possibly one of the most demanding jobs and the pay does not even begin to compensate you for what you give of yourself. I have nothing but respect for the men and women who toil away in the kitchens of the world in the name of good food. I wish I had what it takes. After 4 years in San Francisco, I decided to return to Atlanta because the cost of living was way too high and subsequently started “The Blissful Glutton,” where I document my culinary experiences in Atlanta and beyond with reviews and photos—mostly at the prompting of family and friends who were sick of me talking about food all the time. I am now a freelance food writer that has done work for publications such as Creative Loafing, Atlanta Magazine, and was, most recently, the Editor for Eater Atlanta before stepping down when this happened.

How can I contact you?

Please feel free to email me at I love getting reader mail, but don’t always get to it immediately because I do have other interests that aren’t edible (e.g. friends, families, books, movies, etc.). So, please be patient if you don’t hear back from me right away. If you need recommendations or just want to know my current favorite places to eat, check out my annual Bliss Lists.

Thanks for reading and happy eating,

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