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posted on January 28, 2006 at 7:27 am

Saw a review in the Best of Atlanta magazine and went to check it out today. It is in a hidden strip mall on Oakcliff road that houses a bunch of Korean restaurants. According to Atlanta magazine, the restaurant is a family-run place with the father working the back and the rest of the family in the front of the house.

There is no English menu but the waitress translated the short menu (8/10 items) to us. We got a both types of cold noodles, a kalbi and the spicy pork soup.

The kimchee selection was good but not as much variety as I would have liked. The noodles were good. One was a milder version with a bit of broth and hard boiled egg. The other was a spicy version with no broth and a hard-boiled egg on top. The spicy version was better. The kalbi had good flavor but I have had better quality meat at other places in Atlanta. The soup had a nice broth and these interesting little balls made out of clustered noodles. The pork was very strong and almost gamey. I will admit a bit too intense for me.

The service was quick and polite. The waitress got us some coffee from the little coffee machine by the door. A good experience over all but not exactly worth a trek. There is another place called Kimchi House next door. That is next on my list.

Address: 3042 Oakcliff Rd
Phone: (770) 220-2880
Cuisine: Korean

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