A Sublime birthday

posted on May 5, 2010 at 10:45 am

Sublime bday doughnut cake

I’d been dying to get one of these from Sublime Doughnuts since I discovered owner Kamal Grant was offering them. We finally had an excuse to get one yesterday for Junior Moon’s eleventh birthday. She squealed with delight when we presented it to her ablaze with candles.

All of the doughnuts were super fresh and the box contained my personal favorites–the dulce de leche and orange dream. The whole cake costs $20 and you need to give the bakery 48 hours notice. The only problem is we now have a box of temptation calling to us from the kitchen. There are worse problems to have…

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  • Re: A Sublime birthday
    posted by: jimmy · May 5, 2010  11:35 AM

    I want to meet the assholes that comprise the 7% that do not like Sublime donuts. I mean, I guess there must be people out there that hate genuine people who modestly create a wonderful product for the community at a fair price.

    Anyways…very great birthday idea Jen, I didn’t know about that, thanks!

  • Re: A Sublime birthday
    posted by: Osayi Endolyn · May 5, 2010  1:29 PM

    I’ve been thinking about ordering this just because – no birthday needed.

  • Re: A Sublime birthday
    posted by: Melissa · May 5, 2010  6:50 PM

    that’s awesome! i did not know about that – thanks for the tip. i think ….

  • Re: A Sublime birthday
    posted by: Kara · May 7, 2010  9:57 AM

    What a great alternative to a traditional birthday cake at a fantastic price! I haven’t been to Sublime yet, and I’m definitely stopping by soon. Wonder if they do a Mother’s Day donut box…my mom would die!

  • Re: A Sublime birthday
    posted by: Matt · May 10, 2010  1:16 PM

    They have a Sublime donut ice cream during dinner at Noon in Midtown, Tried dinner there last night, but did not try the ice cream. Will definitely be going back and adding it to my rotation of Go-To restaurants for dinner. Dinner was fantastic. It was as good quality, taste, and presentation-wise as most of the other more expensive and popular restaurants around town, but at a significantly lower price and a more casual setting. I highly recommend that everyone check it out.

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