A note from the "Intoxicologist"

posted on April 11, 2009 at 1:18 pm
Trois' signature cocktail: "The Trois"
“The Trois Cocktail”

I just received an email from Darrell Autrey of TROIS who has replaced Eric Simpkins since he was hired by Drinkshop. The bar at TROIS has been one of my favorite places to have cocktails near downtown. Autrey signs his email–which included his debut menu–with his title; not mixologist, but “Intoxicologist.” I gotta say that is a pretty catchy term. Moon and I have experienced Autrey’s cocktail skills numerous times before and he is definitely on point. Clickity the image below for his Spring cocktail menu that includes some standards (The Bee’s Knees and Gin-Gin Mule are my faves):

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  • Re: A note from the "Intoxicologist"
    posted by: Yankees go home · April 11, 2009  2:16 PM

    First all the NYC food chains invade, then high end cocktails are all the rage thanks to Sasha, so one can only wonder when the NYC speakeasy crazy will rear its ugly head in the ATL (Sasha—no!)? It seems once it goes out of vogue there it relocates here. After all, how else can someone justify a $13 cocktail at Trois when its the same price at Little Branch or Death & Co.?

    Oh well…

  • Re: A note from the "Intoxicologist"
    posted by: Anonymous · April 13, 2009  8:25 AM

    Bitterman…table for one.

    Paging Mr. Bitterman….

  • Re: A note from the "Intoxicologist"
    posted by: Yankees Go Home · April 15, 2009  5:42 PM

    If you like NYC so well you can head there. I was just there. Its alive and well I assure you.

    But it seems I am the only one who prefer that ATL develop its own concepts. You see when you take from others then you have no character of your own. Your city isnt unique. Its just sameness….which you seem to love.

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