A little news re: my columns at Creative Loafing

posted on January 4, 2010 at 5:49 am

From the Omnivore blog:

This week, we are launching two new columns in the food section, and retiring one column. Mouthful, the column that rounds up certain dishes around town, is ceasing publication for the time being, although we will still house the archives on our food portal. Part of the issue is that we feel as though we’ve exhausted the subject matter somewhat, but if you’re ever looking for the best cannoli or chili cheese fries, you’ll still be able to search for them in our Mouthful archives.

In place of Mouthful, we’re launching Food Finds, a column about great artisan or grocery items we’ve found around town. We’re trying to keep the column local (as in, whenever possible, featuring locally made products), but if you have an amazing food find you’d like to tip us off to for possible inclusion in the column, shoot me an email at

The second new column, which will make its maiden appearance online tomorrow, is called, and is a celebration of the amazing array of ethnic food available in the metro area. It will be written by Jennifer Zyman, our resident expert on Atlanta’s ethnic food. We felt that containing ethnic food mainly to the Cheap Eats column was limiting the scope of what we could cover. Cheap Eats will continue to run, but will focus more on intown, truly cheap establishments. Of course, if an ethnic restaurant is worthy of a full, starred review, we will consider it for that type of coverage as well.

I hope you enjoy our latest additions to CL’s food coverage. Please send me your feedback!

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  • Re: A little news re: my columns at Creative Loafing
    posted by: Anonymous · January 5, 2010  4:49 PM

    I think you're a really good writer! You have a zesty voice, and you seem really sincere and honest about the food. I'm glad you're getting more space in CL.

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