A little jaunt in Fiesta Plaza

posted on June 20, 2007 at 2:50 pm
Why does Fiesta Plaza get no love? I just don’t get it. People seem to eat at all the restaurants on the external part of the mall, but when I go in it is strictly Latinos. I am not silly enough to believe that my fellow food fiends don’t frequent the innards of the mall, but I still feel like Fiesta Plaza is one of those gems in Atlanta that goes unnoticed by the general public. Although it is dark and loud inside, the place is filled with color and I always feel like I took a mini-trip to Mexico when I leave its doors. It is a fun oasis in the city if you are looking to get your grub on. Today was a sweet extravaganza…literally. I executed one of my most gluttonous excursions to date. Let’s just say, I definitely lived up to my name.

I started with some flautas at Tropical (a trio of counters with ice cream to homemade tacos). The flautas were fricking gorgeous. They made the tortillas from scratch and the fried them to order. The chicken was on the dark side, but the tangy crema mexicana and queso fresco cut the flavors well. I wish we had not had a taco de carnitas just moments before. I wanted to nibble on the crackly flautas and watch the fresh-faced kid hand-crank the ice cream. Worth going back for.
Flautas at Tropical
Flautas at Tropical

Behind the scenes at Tropical
Employee busily working the lunch shift at Tropical

Aguas frescas at Tropical
Aguas frescas at Tropical

La tropical fruit stand
Fruit/vegetable cup counter at Tropical

Pastries at Tropical
Pastries at Tropical-Homer would have a field day

Marifer candy store
Marajef Candy Store-the Guillermo Wonka of Fiesta Plaza. I bought a good amount of candy like chiclets, tamarindo lollies, really horribly bad for me and totally over-processed Skwinkles enchilados, and some coconut candies.

Churro stand--hell to the yes
Now, I remember where I formed my deep and abiding love for donuts. This churro was the best I have had in years–perfect crunch from the sugar and well-fried churros. I love that rush of air that fills your mouth when you bite into a churro that is made well.

Mexi-toppings for shaved ice
Snow cone stand with toppings like Tamarindo and pineapple with chile. They also have milk-based toppings as well. Think of them as a paleta A la minute.

La Suprema
La Suprema–I am totally getting my birthday cake from here this year.

La Suprema Bakery on Urbanspoon
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