A honeyMoon in Paris: The arrival and a dinner at Bofinger

posted on December 13, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Our family grows (I’m the short one in the white dress).

We chose Paris.

It made sense. He likes wine. I like wine. He loves food. I love food. We like to eat.

I lived in Paris for a summer during college and remember dreaming of the day I’d be there with someone I loved. This trip lived up to all of my embarrassingly girly fantasies plus more eating than I thought humanly possible.

We pounded the streets every day, ate, found some crazy Thai massage parlor in the Bastille, ate, got cursed by a gypsy, ate some more, saw some art, ate, shopped, and slept like hibernating bears. It was all quite magical and I only gained a pound and half.

Since we went to SO MANY places. I am going to break the restaurants up into smaller posts so the photos don’t overwhelm.

After arriving in Paris, we broke the cardinal rule of jetlag maintenance. We went to bed shortly after arriving at our hotel in the Marais. Of course, that was after we bought some croissants and sandwiches made with crusty baguettes, ham, butter and Gruyere cheese and a bottle of Badoit from Chez Jean across the street. We slept and slept some more. Weddings are E-X-H-A-U-S-T-I-N-G, but very fun. Having all of your friends and family in one room for one night is a dream.

After we took a somewhat awkward “shower” in our stylish yet completely dysfunctional large tub/rain shower thingamajig, we set out onto the chilly and damp streets to get our bearings and some dinner.
Bofinger: Paris
That night, we chose Bofinger (, which my aunt was a regular at when living in near Place de Vosges. They used to call her Madame Cinq Minute” because she always called for a reservation and promised she’d be there in five minutes. The entire staff would greet here by that moniker when she made her entrance. It was all very grand and silly. Needless to say, I love this restaurant for reasons beyond the food.

Bofinger specializes in seafood. We ordered a large platter of oysters, pink shrimp and langoustines to start.
Bofinger: Paris
Every briny bite was pristine.

Moon surprised me with a bottle of Billecart, which is one of my favorite Champagnes.

We both ordered choucroute.

He, the version with seafood.
Bofinger: Paris

And, me, Bofinger’s version with loads of porky goodness.
Bofinger: Paris

We then waddled home and fell soundly asleep as the sounds of the streets echoed into our room. Bliss.

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  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: The arrival and a dinner at Bofinger
    posted by: Eat, Drink, Man... · December 14, 2009  6:42 AM

    Awesome. You all rocked it. Congratulations again and have a long and happy life with each other. Moon, Michael Mann and I will not get in the way too much. I promise.

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: The arrival and a dinner at Bofinger
    posted by: Nic · December 15, 2009  5:53 AM

    Sounds incredible! We did our honeymoon through Italy early this November, and due to flights were forced to spend a night in Paris;) Staying out by De Gaulle, our snooty concierge sent us to a restaurant in the city for 'modern french'. Turned out to be Au Pied de Cochon, the only freaking french restaurant with a branch right here in our very own city! Way to go 3000 miles when we could have gone to Buckhead. Ha!

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: The arrival and a dinner at Bofinger
    posted by: Writer's To-Do List · December 15, 2009  7:30 PM

    Sigh…You two know how to live well. I'm glad you found each other.

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: The arrival and a dinner at Bofinger
    posted by: bufordhwy fan! · December 30, 2009  9:40 AM

    wow. conglats! all the food looks amazing in Paris!
    That and your trip to shoya lead me to think about this amazing restaurant in kochi, Japan called "kunitoraya".
    they specialize in Udon and they have a branch in France! Every time when I go home to Japan visit to this restaurant is a must for me. even tough it is located in out of the way (45min. driving from city). I just wonder how only branch of this restaurant in France fairs…I hope maybe next time you can investigate about this place and report back to us!!–kunitoraya/static/

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