A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world

posted on January 14, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Now, where was I? Ah, yes. The day of the big surprise meal.

After our requisite pastry and coffee from the boulangerie around the corner, Moonie and I went to the heart of the Marais for some boutique shopping. If you’ve never been, the Marais is kind of like SoHo in NYC, but with much prettier architecture of course!

L' Aus du Fallafel
Since we were supposedly going large that evening, I took the opportunity to muscle in some ethnic food and quickly led us to the famous L’ As du Fallafel.

L' Aus du Fallafel
The famous falafel: Best falafel outside of Israel. The schwarma is pretty amazing too.

Later that evening, I threw on my best black dress, some dangerous stilettos and a severe shade of red realizing I had no idea where we were going. I was uncomfortable as I tend to be just the tiniest bit controlling over where we dine. Really…just a tiny bit. As Moonie whizzed me away in the car he had waiting, I started full on interrogating him. He wouldn’t budge. I secretly didn’t want him to anyway.
An enormous smile filled my face when we pulled up in front of the towering wooden doors. He’d chosen Guy Savoy. The restaurant where, many years ago, I learned what a fine dining establishment is supposed to feel like. One of my husband’s best traits is that he listens and remembers the tiniest details. He’d done good.
Guy Savoy: Paris
I also fell in love with Chef Savoy’s food and the impeccable service. It may have been my first case of chef adoration. In a rare chance, the chef was there that evening cooking and made many passes through the dining room to oversee everything.
Guy Savoy: Paris
Always a reassuring sight.
While we were tempted by the tasting menu, the special menu caught our eye. Game and WHITE TRUFFLES. I had forgotten they were in season. The choice was easy.
After being greeted with a foie gras sandwich and a glass of Billecart Salmon Rose (my favorite champagne), the bread sommelier came over and presented us with butters and his choice of bread for our upcoming course: the carrot.
It was presented and prepared with sincere reverence. Truly lovely.
Guy Savoy: Paris
But it just tasted like a carrot.
Guy Savoy: Paris
Pumpkin soup served out of a pumpkin at a nearby table.

My appetizer was the most insane thing I have put in my mouth in years.
Guy Savoy: Paris
Thick cauliflower puree, topped with a bright orange poached egg and then the waiter showered it in white Alba truffles. Kill me now. I moaned out loud with each bite.

Guy Savoy: Paris
Moon’s scallops covered with white Alba truffles. I was making love to my truffle dish so I don’t remember what his tasted like. He said he loved it though. How could you not?

Game was big on that night’s menu. So, we went with rabbit and wild boar. My photos don’t do the dishes justice, but they were amazing.
Guy Savoy: Paris
Wild boar with black truffles and an amazingly artistic tuille of potatoes and mustard seeds.

Guy Savoy: Paris
Rabbit with red wine sauce served with homemade penne filled with foie gras mousse.

Guy Savoy: Paris
The cheese course chosen from a three-tiered cart with the best cheese in Paris. Choosing was torture.

Guy Savoy: Paris

The first of the over-the-top dessert cart and presentation.

Guy Savoy: Paris

The candies and sorbet course.
After this, the night was a blur. I do remember not being able to hug Moonie as I thanked him for the amazing gift because I was so full. He was right there with me. So worth it though. I will remember it forever.
We had reached saturation. The marathon eating was starting to get to us no matter how much we walked. I wanted comfort food. And roast chicken would have to do if ramen was not on the horizon. My favorite roast chicken in Paris is at Chez Allard.
Allard: Paris
Chez Allard is known for its Poulet de Bresse. We chose simply roasted instead of my parents’ favorite with olives. But we naturally had to get an order of the frog legs because they are the best frog legs you will ever eat.

Allard: Paris
Crispy frog legs drenched in garlic, parsley, butter and lemon juice. They lasted five minutes.

Allard: Paris

They roast the chicken to order so we drank a little bottle of red Sancerre and waited patiently as the smells of crackling chicken skin seduced us from the kitchen. It finally arrived and we each took a pause in reverence before attacking it.
Allard: Paris
Poulet de Bresse with potatoes, sauteed chanterelles and mache salad.

Allard: Paris
I make an excellent roast chicken (I use Thomas Keller’s recipe), but my chicken has nothing on this bird. It’s crisp, moist and this particular breed of chicken is just superior all around. And the sauteed chantrelles, creamy fried potatoes and jus just stuck the knife in deeper.

Allard: Paris
I couldn’t resist a little cheese. I dream about that crumbly aged goat. However, that chicken continues to haunt me every time I make a roast bird at home.

It was my favorite meal our entire time in Paris.
More to come in my final installment (we ate so much!) of our HoneyMoon in Paris. Stay tuned…
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  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world
    posted by: Anonymous · January 14, 2010  8:46 AM

    *Le sigh* I have so enjoyed reading your honeyMoon posts– such beautiful photos and, dare I say it, nearly sensual descriptions of the food…I could almost taste everything you were writing about. You should keep all of your honeyMoon posts & photos as a chapter for that book you need to write, Mme. Bliss!

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world
    posted by: Anonymous · January 14, 2010  9:33 AM

    Can you name some of the cheeses, please?

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world
    posted by: bonjouritsjinah · January 14, 2010  11:24 AM

    Yum, I'll have to stop by next time I am in Paris.

    And I agree, that is the best falafel I have ever had! Did you stop by the gelato place around the corner??

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world
    posted by: Nicholas · January 16, 2010  1:15 PM

    bliss- okay, so your ripping out my heartstrings now. I lived in paris for three and a half years, in the Marais, two blocks from L' As du Fallafel. This place saved my life on a regular basis, like almost three times a week. I never knew the name for years, all of us knew it as only 'le falafel vert magique', or 'the magical falafel'… for reasons that Im sure were obvious to you.

  • Re: A honeyMoon in Paris: Falafel, a very special meal and the best roast chicken in the world
    posted by: mara · January 22, 2010  4:54 AM

    OMG that was one of the highlights from our trip to Paris. LOVED L'as Du Fallafel. Simply the best!!

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