A dinner with Cured Meats

posted on May 29, 2011 at 10:29 am

As I have said before, one of the BEST things about this blog is the friends I have made through it over the years. We have a lot of these friends over for dinner, but every once in a while some of them have us over for dinner. One such invite that I had been clamoring for was an invite to Jason Molinari’s house. Jason runs the amazing blog: Cured Meats. A native of Milan, Jason crafts all of his own cured meats, makes Italian food like a pro (naturally), but he’s also incredibly proficient with Asian cuisines. He’s basically good at anything he attempts in the kitchen. Bastard.

We first met virtually quite a few years ago on the now defunct Atlanta Cuisine message boards where we exchanged pictures along with other similarly minded posters in a cooking thread. Now, after many lunches with our families, we finally got our schedules in sync for a home-cooked meal at his house. Actually, I invited myself over. At my request, Jason made his famous pizzas, which he has been perfecting for years. I wish I had taken a photo of his “oven,” but it is basically a Weber kettle with a vent cut into the side, a pizza stone slapped on the grate, and heated with a propane tank. It was pretty crazy cool. While the oven was heating, he whipped out some of his unbelievable salumi, which Moon attacked like any self-respecting Italian boy.
Cured meats cooks: pizza
After telling Jason and his wife Allison how cucumber crazy I am lately, she asked Jason to make some of his Momofuku cucumbers, which their adorable Italian-speaking daughter calls “cumbers.” They are basically a Persian cuke sliced and quick cured in salt and sugar. Amazingly fresh and quick snack. They’re a favorite in our house now.
Cured meats cooks: pizza

As we snacked, Jason got to work on the pizzas.
Cured meats cooks: pizza
Pizza Margherita before.

Cured meats cooks: pizza
Pizza Margherita after.

Cured meats cooks: pizza
A Pizza Margherita with “fried” egg.

Cured meats cooks: pizza
Pizza with thinly sliced potatoes, onions, and rosemary (only on half because Allison and I are not fans of the herb).

Cured meats cooks: pizza
Jason finishing the lardo and rosemary pizza with a drizzle of honey.

Cured meats cooks: pizza
The finished product.

Every single pizza was delicious. Moon maintains nobody in Atlanta makes a better pie than Jason, but that may just be a result of his new bromance. The way to my husband really is through his stomach. Next up: I’m cooking for Jason’s family at my house. I normally cook Italian when I have company over, but that ain’t happening with Molinari sitting at my table. So, Mexican it is. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.

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  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: Carol Flammer · May 30, 2011  2:44 PM

    The Margherita pizza looks delicious. I guess I dare not ask if it is gluten free? Thanks for the heads-up on this restaurant! Looks tasty.

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: blissfulglutton · June 2, 2011  10:21 AM

    It’s not a restaurant. It’s my friend’s house.

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: Robert · June 3, 2011  1:23 PM

    Those pizzas look killer. That texture and char of the crust is something I have been trying to get in my standard oven but I can’t seem to be able to at 550 degrees. I would love some more details on his home made pizza oven. Any idea on how hot he can heat the oven up to? Pictures would be great. I may have a new construction project. Thanks.

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: jason molinari · June 3, 2011  1:55 PM

    Robert, it’s called a “little black egg” and i detailed constructing one here:

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: Robert · June 3, 2011  2:32 PM

    Well, that is just too cool. Looks relatively easy to make also. I think I have most everything but the quarry stone and 16″ pizza pan – may get a bigger pan to reduce the volume since the Weber I have is 22.5″. Thank you for the info, Jason. BTW, I got on your cured meats site. When are you opening up shop?

    Thanks again,

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: jason molinari · June 3, 2011  2:42 PM

    Turning a hobby into a job is a sure way to stop having fun doing it Robert:)

  • Re: A dinner with Cured Meats
    posted by: Michele · June 17, 2011  11:49 PM


    i realized this site has not blogged about Meehan’s
    Public House in Atlanta. Two out of the three locations are having a Terrapin beer dinner this month. We would love to have you there.


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