こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 4

posted on September 25, 2007 at 5:35 am

We went to Kondo–a tempura restaurant, with limited seating, for dinner–the other night. Can I just say wow?! It rivals the robata grill for my favorite meal (so far) on this trip. Chef Kondo is a master of his craft and he really lets the flavors of each item shine through his delicate batter. Spaces are limited so book now if you want to experience this amazing food. I cannot say enough about the restaurant and the chef.

We took a little trip to Kyoto today, on the train, to soak up the cultural sights in the former capital. I love a good train ride and the trip was a nice contrast to the sights in Tokyo.
The train

A gold leaf covered temple

We were in a rush, so we just found some random noodle spot in town. There was a 400 year old one we had planned to go to, but the line was 30 minutes deep and it started raining. My Dad had the noodles (which were green) with herring and I had the tempura with the fat white noodles–very tasty broth.
My Dad’s lunch

My noodles

That night, we were beat. My sister and I are Korean food freaks and found some little spot under an overpass near Ginza. It was very different than what I am used to in the states. We had to order our panchan separately and the meat portions were very tiny. Still a nice experience to see the Japanese version of Korean BBQ.

Last night we went to Nobu for a business obligation. I would not have chosen the spot normally, but the people had organized a tasting. It was not that great since they chose some pretty safe dishes. I bet we would have eaten better if we had ordered ourselves. Gorgeous decor.

Lunch yesterday was the tonkatsu spot in Tokyo station that a friend recommended. There was this minced pork cake in my dish that was insane! The great thing about Tokyo is you will pretty much find good food wherever you are. All hail the food floor!

Sorry to be short, but we are heading to Hong Kong for 4 days and then back to the Atlanta. If you are craving more photos of Tokyo, you can check out my entire album HERE.

Happy eating,

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