こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 2

posted on September 19, 2007 at 5:44 pm

Tokyo at night
I am getting into the groove of Tokyo. I love it here. It is like a much cleaner and calmer New York. If it was not so far from where my family lives, I would move here in a heartbeat–I always say that about cities I love.

So, we are trying to mix it up food-wise. Tuesday night we went to an old haunt of my parents’ (they met while both of them were living in Tokyo) in Roppongi, where many of the expats live. I have to say this was the best meal I have had in a long time. It was simple and straightforward using nothing, but great product. The way it works is that you sit at a counter that encircles two chefs surrounded by baskets of fresh vegetables, meat, and fish.
Robata (no name): Tokyo
One of our chefs for the night

Robata (no name): Tokyo
Selection of items to choose from–you are out of luck once it is gone.

These two guys cook everything for the restaurant. You order from your waiter who yells the order to the chefs–yelling a lot is key here. It makes for a very cool enviornment. Once your order is ready, the chefs pass you your dishes on a paddle. You can kind of see it here.
Robata (no name): Tokyo

Sake–which is very strong here–is poured out of wood bowl into you square cup. I can normally handle my sake, but I was definitely blurry after one cup. I still had another and was very silly for the rest of the night–this was the kind of place where it is okay to get rowdy–my kind of spot.

The food we had was just amazing. The lighting was kind of weak, but the blurriness pretty much replicates the way I was seeing things this particular meal. Don’t worry–I never forget a flavor.
Robata (no name): Tokyo
Fried river crabs and hirame (flounder) sashimi

Robata (no name): Tokyo
Fried red snapper: this was so buttery and tasted amazing.

Robata (no name): Tokyo
Ginko nuts

Robata (no name): Tokyo

Robata (no name): Tokyo
Grilled kobe beef cubes

I woke up the next day with the most incredibly bad headache I’d had in years–darn sake. My dad took us for some katsudon (fried pork cutlets over rice with egg and caramelized onions) to soak up the alcohol in our stomachs. There are plenty of stalls around Tokyo where you can get this and we just walked into a random spot near our hotel in Ginza. It was great.

I am a big gadget geek, so my Dad decided took us to this department store specializing in technology–there had to be 10 floors (I lost count). We spent about 2 hours in there playing and shopping. The exercise machine floor was especially hilarious. Here is my sis mixing it up at one of the DJ stations on one of the audio floors–you can take the girl out of the ATL, but you can’t take the ATL out of the girl.


After the store, we headed to Harajuku to go check out the stores and famous Harajuku girls. I think they were hiding because it was raining, but I got a shot of some tame ones at the railway stations.


The one thing I could say about Japanese girls and guys is that they take many more fashion risks than people in the States and even Paris. I have definitely been inspired. We’ll be heading back to do some more shopping and hopefully get some better photos of the locals.

After a small nap, we headed out for shabu-shabu. Here is a shot of the city that I took as we walked to the restaurant. It really is gorgeous here.
Tokyo at night

The shabu-shabu spot, Nigyocho Imahan (located in the Barneys NY building), was pretty good, but I have had better in Hawaii and NYC. I hate to complain, but the meat was almost too marbled. The service was excellent though and we got our authentic shabu-shabu fix in Japan.
Ningyocho Imaham: Tokyo
The shabu-shabu pot

Ningyocho Imaham: Tokyo
“High-quality beef” for shabu-shabu

Ningyocho Imaham: Tokyo
Veggie assortment

Ningyocho Imaham: Tokyo
Dipping sauce

Well, that is it for now. Sorry if I seem rushed, but I am trying to get out the door to go check out some cultural sights for the day. You can check out my whole photo album, which I will be continuously be updating, HERE. Stay tuned for more…

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  • Re: こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 2
    posted by: Anonymous · September 20, 2007  8:50 AM

    Hi Glutton Girl,

    I am KJ living in Atlanta. I was born and raised in Tokyo. The pics look great! Yes, almost every department stores have food floors and the food was soooo great! Your pics make me homesick. I am craving for Uni—– my favorite!!!

    Hope you and your family enjoy the trip!

  • Re: こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 2
    posted by: The Blissful Glutton · October 5, 2007  4:04 PM

    Thanks so much!

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