こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 1

posted on September 17, 2007 at 9:11 pm

After a grueling 14 hour flight, I am here in Tokyo and trying desperately to get on Japan time. Forever the glutton, I have already covered a heck of a lot of ground food-wise. I am still a bit hazy, but wanted to blog when this was fresh in my mind. Last night, we arrived late and went searching for something to eat, but found many things closed.
Okinawa restaurant in Ginza
We ended up a place near the hotel that served food from Okinawa. I can’t say it was the most flavorful of cuisines, but it filled our tired bellies. English at the place was minimal (my parents’ Japanese is still rusty), but I took a photo of the sign in case you are somehow able to translate. I unfortunately do not have the correct terminology for the food, so I hope the photos are enough. You can view the album here.

This morning, I woke up at 5 a.m. Hooray for jet-lag! I waited until my parents were awake and we headed out to
Tsukiji Central Wholesale Market for a little breakfast. This place made me want to move to Japan by the sheer amount of gorgeous looking food for sale.

There were also a variety of food stalls serving anything from tempura to oden. My sister is an oden fanatic, so she got a bowl at one of the stalls. Here is my Dad choosing the oden and my sister digging into her daikon.



I spotted a woman splitting fresh uni (and conch) open and grilling them over hot coals, so I left my folks and sis to their oden (never been a fan of fish cake) and stood in the very long line. Here are some photos of the woman (whose demeanor reminded me of Miss Ann over at Ann’s Snack Bar) cooking and the final product.
Handling the uni

Cooking it up

About to dig in (it was fabulous!)

Forever the food-crazy family, we headed to a favorite haunt of my parents, Mitsukoshi. I was really not in the mood to go shopping until I saw where my Dad was taking us–the food floors. The sheer volume and quality of the products made me want to cry out. It was just AMAZING. The store is like the Japanese version of Harrod’s, but so much better. Anything you could ever want or need for your kitchen. Check out these photos.

You’d think we were done with food for the day–no way. It was only noon and that meant it was time for lunch. I had been asking for udon and my Dad delivered in a big way. We went to a little spot in Ginza called
Sato Yosuke–killer place. My tray was so big I could hardly get a proper photo. But, here is my best take on the place. Great spot if you are looking for fresh noodles + chic decor.

The outside

The inside

Hall to the kitchen

My best shot at my massive tray

My mom mixing it up


O.K. That is all for now. I am going to take a rest and read a one of my books. Loving it here so far and I still have a week left. Stay tuned for mucho mas.

Happy eating,

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  • Re: こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 1
    posted by: GadgetGeek · September 19, 2007  6:04 AM

    Nice upgrade to your blog recently, it really lets you show off your slides and writing and of course the good pictures. I was in Tokyo in 1966 (Navy) and spent 5 days in civilian clothes walking the streets and seeing the sites but especially eating the food. I was less of a foodie then than I am now, but loved the cultural experience, and the lovely people.
    Now you let me live it again in your Blog.. Thanks Jennifer.

  • Re: こんにちは from Tokyo: Chapter 1
    posted by: Sally Parrott Ashbrook · September 20, 2007  5:20 PM

    Ahh, your pictures make me miss Japan. Every little thing there is so artful. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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