Is Gu’s bistro better than Tasty China? I say yes.

posted on July 21, 2014 at 9:00 am

The pork with bean curd at Gu’s Bistro.

You’ll notice that Tasty China is missing from my Bliss List, which if you know how much I love Tasty China is CRAZY. But here’s the thing: I like Gu’s Bistro so much more right now. And it’s more convenient for where I live. The minute I give into my bad cravings — I also refer to it as my inner 17 year old boy in the middle of a growth spurt– I am at Gu’s (or the General Muir).

My current favorites are the searingly spicy dried tofu skins covered in a slick of bright red oil. The thick and chewy salty, sweet, spicy, and chewy cold Chengdu noodles are comfort food even if you grew up in the West. The large flat pork filled Zhong style dumplings are tender and the broth like sauce they come in readies the gullet for what’s to come. I am obsessed with their pork and dried bean curd. Something about the texture and the chew of all of that protein brightened by cilantro and mellowed with sweet pan roasted sliced garlic is just so soothing. Balls of cantaloupe, fried shrimp, and huge walnuts covered in a slick of sweet white glaze is so good and so weird. Even the dry-fried eggplant is better here than the recently leaden version I have had at Tasty China.

Need more of a reason to pay Gu’s a visit? They have the best craft beer selection I have ever seen on Buford Highway. I am really looking forward to their upcoming dumpling and small plate shop in Krog Street Market this Fall.

Vitals: 5750 Buford Hwy. NE, Doraville, 770-451-8118.

The Bliss List

posted on July 16, 2014 at 8:26 am

Remember my yearly Bliss Lists? I am bringing them back. Kind of. Instead of being updated yearly, this list will be updated on an ongoing basis. It’s something I learned when I was the editor of Eater Atlanta with the website’s Heater Map and Eater 38 and I think such lists are super useful.

This Bliss List* will live on the right sidebar of the blog. This list is not a ranking of what I consider “the best” restaurants in Atlanta. Instead, it’s simply a compilation of where I am currently eating often in case you need a fresh idea for dinner or a recommendation. I’ve also included a link, when applicable, to anything I have written about the place if you want more information.

Happy eating.

Scroll down and click the “read more” button to check it out.

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The Bliss List



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